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It is common practice for the business to carry out the activities without prior development of their underlying principles. They are usually based on a practical need, economic point of view, or emotion. Later, wrong decisions are subsequently taken and accumulated which negatively affects the company's final results and operations.

We make a lot of effort to ensure our subject-matter (outlined on the pages of the site) with all possible preconditions: starting with the primary philosophical and logical grounds that have triggered its deployment, the scientific and technological provision – possible at this stage – as well as advertising-propaganda and other creative means of action.

In view of the above, we can summarize the subject matter of the company as follows:

- we develop, to the extent of a completed product, fundamental concepts, related to certain views in a wide range of socio-economic life activities for the purposes of art, technology, business, politics;

- we provide consultancy, research, development and other types of services related to the creation of the intellectual products described above;

- we create advertising-propaganda products in the form of works of art and science (films, advertisements, books, research, reports, articles, musical and stage productions, etc.);

- we develop conceptual technology products: virtual and real models of human-like robots; hardware and software design; artificial intelligence activities and transfer of consciousness on an artificial medium, including "man-machine" communications, and similar systems intended for activities outside the earth's atmosphere;

- we develop designs of living environments – exterior and interior (terrestrial, marine and air areas, buildings and furnishings), vehicle concepts (land, water and air), household items and others.

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