Hello everyone,
accidentally hit my site (probably one of the hundreds of millions existing in the world).

My name is Mario Milushev:
- a founder-owner of MA-UNI L.t.d. - a company dealing with the creation of an artificial human body,
- a member of the Varna Bar Association (V.B.А.),
- a member of the Varna Association of Writers (V.A.W.),
- a member of the Union of Scientists.

Activity: philosophy, law, politics, science, technology, in particular - humanoid robots,
(hardware, software), design, movies, literature, etc.

My life philosophy is based on the belief that man is a man when he creates something new and significant.

What are the characteristics of my works?

I emphasize upon the importance of ideas and their development - from the stage of their initial appearance to their full realization as a commercial product. My creative products should be as good as possible, unique and memorable.

My goal?

My goal is to make an artificial person. But not as a humanoid robot, but as a complete person - with self-awareness, soul and feelings. I believe that one day we will be able to create such machines. They will inherit us and become the next evolutionary phase of the life in the mastery of the Universe.

Enjoy my works!