MA-UNI L.t.d


Human evolution has continued for millions of years and as a result, man has become the most perfect species in the entire visible universe.

But at a certain stage of development, the biological nature of man will become an obstacle to its further improvement.

New technologies provide hope that man would be able to invent a decision that will allow the psyche to exist independently of its biological body.

Ideally, the psyche could be realized as a disembodied nature, 'living' like a computer program, independent of a specific 'hardware', or a 'beam of light', that floats freely in space and can appear and disappear in unexpected places, etc.

At this stage, it is difficult to say whether such a 'disembodied' form of spiritual presence can be created. No matter how perfect it is, it will need a physical medium to ensure its physical presence.

Therefore, it is necessary A NEW, ARTIFICIAL BODY TO BE CREATED, through which spiritual nature could continue to exist in the real world.

THE ARTIFICIAL HUMAN will be a qualitatively new nature, which will allow the human soul to free itself from dependence on organic, perishable and irreplaceable body, and to realize as fully as possible all the hidden talents in themselves.

MA-UNI (MA-chine UNI-que) is a project for a ARTIFICIAL HUMAN, which will have not only an intelligence (AI), but also:

- self-awareness;
- uniqueness, individuality, personality;
- freedom of thought and actions (free will);
- feelings, experiences;
- creativity;
- physical immortality.

In the field of the design, my interests focus on the development of a basic character.
I call it MA-UNI (MA-chine UNI-que).

A man who can handle such complex model he can do anything. Who can create a visually organic, alive, and spiritual human character, he can easily create buildings, vehicles, space shuttles, and so on.

The nature of MA-UNI is exactly the same - extremely complex and for that reason providing a sufficient basis to meet the needs of potential customers of any designer product - from tailoring pins to spacecrafts.

The MA-UNI model is versatile - it can be used to advertise a wide range of products and services. Its potential is significant - artificial intelligence systems are yet to enter life and the needs of their adequate design will grow.

Some of its possible applications today:

- As a conceptual base structure for the design of humanoid robots,
human avatars and artificial intelligence systems;

- as a character in a science fiction movies;

- advertising purposes;

- education aims,

- etc.