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This site has the character of a PORTFOLIO, the purpose of which is to present the author's view of life and his creative pursuits and achievements. Embodied materials (except for part of the pictorial material attached to articles) – books, reports, articles, philosophical, scientific and technological elaborations, designs, films, etc., as well as the site itself and the sub-sites – are ORIGINAL.

The emergence of a new idea is the most difficult part of the creative process. An already emerging idea can be realized in different ways, at different times and places, by different people. However, if there is no an initial idea, we can not talk of any subsequent conversion. In this sense, the author indulges to call himself “a pure creator” in the sense that the idea is the most immediate, primary product of the creative effort.

The materials, included in this site, are not systematized. Between the lines, the reader will not find “a red thread” that will lead him to some basic idea. Conclusions can be made against the backdrop of the general “meaning” of the site; each reader having the right to emphasize those topics and issues that best fit to his professional level, worldview, and emotional state.

The site is in the process of being developed. In view of his “fast-track” creation, it is possible for one to find inaccuracies, skews, ambiguities, missed links; some of the author's articles have not been finalized, others are poorly edited.

For all this we ask for an excuse. We will accept each note in relation to the above - with understanding - and will do our utmost to remedy the discrepancies.

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