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All organs and systems - from the brain to the muscles and sensors - will work thanks to electricity, that will be generated within the body itself.

The energy system will consist of a two identical fuel cells operating at low temperature (about 80 degrees), which elements will produce electricity at the expense of interacting agents (such as oxygen and hydrogen, or more appropriate, tailored to peculiarities of the body).

The agents will be offered in the form of pre-prepared 'cocktails' of liquid or paste-like substances, and will be borne by mouth, as will be collected in a special tank at the site of the lungs.

Then they will be mixed in proportions necessary to produce the energy, required to cover the specific energy needs. The technology will be waste-free and therefore will not have use of the excretory system. When necessary cleaning, used for this purpose preparations will be drained from the hole, located at the site of the navel.

Putting the heat output of the fuel cell will be done in two ways:

- air cooling - through a process similar to inhalation-exhalation - chest dissolves and takes a certain amount of air that passes about fuel cells.
- liquid cooling - heat is transferred by diffusion to the filling gel, that it spreads throughout the body.

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