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We create a NEW TYPE OF ART. Which combines both purely technological moments and purely aesthetic. But this is not just a design. The design is only for machines, clothes, and so on, and does not include the spiritual side of the objects he has developed.

MA-UNI (MA-chine UNI-que) is a project for an artificial body (as shown on the animation), which will have not only the (machine) intelligence (which is the aim at the creation of today's humanoid robots), but also:

- self-awareness;
- uniqueness, individuality, personality;
- freedom of thought and actions (free will);
- feelings, experiences;
- creativity;
- physical immortality.

This new system we offer to be called an ARTIFICIAL MAN.

The artificial man will be a qualitatively new nature, which will allow the human soul to free itself from dependence on organic, perishable and irreplaceable body, and to realize as fully as possible all the hidden talents in themselves.

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