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Each of us pursues a significant goal in his life – power, wealth, glory, creative realization, adventures, and so on...

However, even if we can achieve these goals, they would spread like cigarette smoke, lose meaning, and melt into nothingness.

Whoever wishes to create truly eternal, worthwhile things, he must learn to overcome the transience, the extreme, THE DEATH! The death as a denial of LIFE – the greatest value we know.

One way to preserve this value – the LIFE – is to replace the deadly human body with a new machine body – immortal, perfect, adaptable to any conditions that the Universe provides on the brave. Body created by the human mind and intellect, not through the randomness of natural selection.

Based on top considerations, we can define the subject of the company's activity in the following way:

MA-UNI L.t.d. (MA-machine, UNI-unique) develops concepts, methods and technologies to realize the idea of immortality and transfer of self-consciousness in an artificial form.

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