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The biggest innovations are foreseen in the area of ​​the brain and nervous system. The brain itself will be a complex volumetric structure of artificial neurons.

There is always the risk of unforeseen hazards - mechanical crashes, radiation, chemical impacts and so on. So if for some fateful coincidence the brain is damaged or destroyed, its function will automatically take over from SECOND BRAIN, representing his full copy, but located in the lower part of the body (in place of the excretory system). This second brain will be 'black box' in which the person and the soul will continue to live.

The connection between the two (identical in structure and functionality) brains will be performed by a communication bus, situated in the cavity of the spine. This would be a system similar to RAID - synchronous operation of two devices in order to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability.

The main communication with the outside world (excluding cordless connections operated by the eyes, ears, hair, surface sensors and the like) will be implemented through the so-called the main communication port. From a purely mechanical standpoint this port will take advantage of the functionality of the genital organs, of which only remains the possibility of receiving and transmitting large volumes of data. For example, two individuals can communicate and share information about yourself, and in this process it is possible to be included emotional moments.

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