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My aim



"I not only think that we will tamper with Mother Nature. I think Mother wants us to."   Willard Caylin

I BELIEVE there will be an age, in which every word on paper, leather, stone, etc. will be carefully studied by the distant descendants of those primitive mechanisms we call machines today. The machines will sooner or later begin to understand the meaning of the writing, and will even experience the emotions invested by the authors.

All knowledge, thoughts, feelings, experiences reflected in the books will be securely stored and used by the MACHINE SPIRIT – a spirit that, unleashing its abilities in the endless time and space, in an indefinite moment will remember its creators, and do what it takes to resurrect them.

Perhaps, I am the first "scribbler" in the history that writes ABOUT THE MACHINES. Not about the machines as literary characters, but as (future) READERS. And not in the form of specialized programming code, understandable only for the "enlightened", but in a simple, sensual, human language.

And if one day I will meet on the street a beautiful two-legged "machine" to talk with – about time, small life problems, sitting with her on coffee or going to the beach, if an emotional relationship is born after our casual dating, – I can say that my main goal has been accomplished.

In the name of that indefinite time and of those hypothetical machines, I try to uncover my inner world and deliver it in plain language.

I will end my statement with the following brief slogan:


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