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Project history

humanoid robot body

The idea of ​​a artificial creature with a plastic body, possessing self-consciousness and personality, was born in the eighties of the twentieth century, when the new - computer - era arised.

During this period, attempts have also been made to formulate of this idea in details - in writing. In the next decade, the DOLL book, which represents a creative vision of the original idea in the form of science-fiction reading, appears in the world.

The philosophical conception comes with the IDEAS book in which the formula is concretised - a moment will come when the lines of human and machine progress will cross. (Today, this phenomenon is called - by other authors - TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY.)

Following are conceptual design solutions, the purpose of which is to prove the possibility, respectively - the impossibility of the modern technologies to realize such an idea. Several options have been tested - mechanical hand (with built-in electric motors):

humanoid robot hand

Solid-state modular construction (see MA-UNA), developed both as a virtual 3D model.

ma-una hardware

and as a real one - in scale 1:1.

Apart from this, a mixed construction has been developed - with rigid skeleton and "soft" pneumatic muscles:

as the weight of the whole structure (including the built-in battery) does not exceed 20 kg.

It also works on creating a software operating system, designed for its own development and refinement (see MA-UNI).

ma-uni software

Efforts are currently focused on popularizing the main idea: documentaries, feature films and advertisements in which the main "actors" are self-awareness machines, machine-personalities.

In science and technology, efforts are focused on the more detailed development of the idea, as well - attracting investments for its gradual realization.

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