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Every one of us, absorbed in our everyday cares and activities, rarely thinks about the fundamental problem of life – THE DEATH.

And in an unexpected (but always coming) moment, when this problem arises with its big fearfulness, we understand how meaningless life is, and how insignificant is everything we have made, make, and will make, while we are alive.

Based on the above considerations, we launch a new initiative, linked to our disagreement to indifferently welcome our "natural" end. We do not agree to experience the pain and horror of the irreversible sinking into the Nothing.

"IMMORTALITY" INITIATIVE is an initiative aimed at focusing on the most significant perspective facing us as thinking and creative beings – the achievement of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY.


Only the free one can be responsible. What is freer than spirit – the self-conscious freedom – whose representatives we are?

We are responsible not only to our descendants. We are responsible to all living creatures who have lived, are living and will live on this planet. We are responsible to Planet Earth itself.

We are responsible for preserving life that originated with suck hard efforts and is so fragile that it can only be destroyed by an accidentally wandering meteorite.

Notwithstanding the big difficulties, it is necessary to find ways, means for the preservation of life and the provision of conditions for its upward development.

This can only be done in one way – by transferring the living, the spiritual, unique essence into an artificial medium, a bearer, unconstrained by time, space, and natural forces.


Since ancient times there have been ideas, concepts and practical attempts to overcome death. Example: the Egyptian pyramids.

Unfortunately, ideas often outweigh the possibilities. Therefore it was necessary to resort to FAITH. Faith gives hope in cases when we cannot deal with a problem through knowledge and skills, because of its over-complexity. And we leave his solution for an unspecified future.


There are philosophies, beliefs and attitudes, according to which we do not have to oppose the natural laws. Once the great Mother Nature has decided to destroy us – after she has created us, – so let it be!

At first glance, "birth" and "dying" are logical processes. The birth and dying of a star is a logical process.

Dead matter is created and destroyed. But life – of a human being, animal, flower bud – is something else. Life is created to "live". Living is its "special line". Therefore, the laying on "the common denominator" of dead and living beings needs to be discontinued.

And one emotional consideration: why "the lawfulness" of death as a phenomenon contradicts the sensations, the experiences, the feelings, the emotions? Why does the heart not conform to the principles of reason? Why, when a relative of ours dies, we do not accept this fact calmly and uninterestedly, but suffer from the depth of all our being?

The answer is simple: there is an injustice that needs to be eliminated.


We believe that as THE IDEA OF IMMORTALITY is given to us, we should make the necessary effort to realize it. For, whether or not it is 0.01 or even 0.001 percent, we have to try again and again, until we achieve the desired result.


There are no justifications that if people do not die, their number on the planet will become enormously large.

The Universe is vast and fears of such a character are ridiculous. If we continue our lives for even a million years, it will hardly be noticeable against the background of endless cosmic spaces, where even the speed of light requires at least 100 billion light-years to cross the boundaries of the Universe.

Today, the priority tasks for mankind are the cosmic expansion – the terraforming of Mars. The goal is to provide a second "home" if, due to unfortunate circumstances, we have to leave Mother Earth.

These efforts are justified, all the more so that we already have the necessary technical means to achieve the goal. However, so to speak, they solve the problems "by piece" – specifically for each individual situation.

And we need a holistic, innovative approach of principle. Because even the mastery of space and reaching the boundaries of the Universe are not so much prior to the need to find ways and means of practically unlimited prolonging life.

What is the reason of revealing the secrets of our surrounding reality, if we do not have the physical opportunity to take advantage of these discoveries? Conversely, unlimited lifetime guarantees the revelation of the world's laws in their entirety and complexity.


This initiative aims to provide a forum for everyone who has opinions, suggestions and recommendations on issues related to the achievement of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY. It has the ambition to direct and motivate, collect and systematize the results achieved so far.

We do not offer a ready answer to the question whether it is possible to transfer self-consciousness to an artificial medium. However, we offer a series of steps and actions that will lead to the desired answer.


On the pages of the site (under the heading "IMMORTALITY" INITIATIVE) you can take part in discussions, offer to publish your materials.

All that is required is the materials to ber thematic and meet the generally accepted conditions for publishing on the Internet. These will be listed in the "Foreign authors" section after reviewing by an editor. (More information – in the notified section.)


Our goal is not to persuade, distribute or coerce someone to believe in the correctness of our idea, but to promulgate it – an obligation of every author. The one, who believes that death is a natural and lawful end of life, his own too, is entitled to maintain this thesis and to allow the nature to take care of the rest.

However, we believe that we must do our utmost to realize this idea. Especially for our children – they do not deserve to experience the pain and horror of death.


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