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“For us there is only one significant fact – people die.” M.M.

All of us – WITHOUT EXCLUSION – have lost all-in-all beings – close friends, relatives, acquaintances. And – of course – the thousands of distant ancestors, about which we either vaguely remember, or perceive as cold statistics because of our remoteness in time. (But this distance does not give us the right to think of them as something forgotten and irretrievably lost.)

Due to a inertness, caused by our helplessness, or because of the sloth of the mind, we did not seriously put the task of correcting this injustice. We are all convinced (and comfortable with this finding) that the Great Nature has created us, but it is also in his own right to destroy us. Enough.

We are grateful to our Mother Nature. But (thanks to It) a new law has emerged in us – the moral, – that makes us think differently and take into account new conditions that have not existed so far. One of these conditions is the conviction of the extraordinary value of life.

A value that forces us to change our mind and action, change our attitude to natural law, even change our conviction that we can not stand up against it.

Is it possible to find ways, mechanisms, options to make the task solvable? And to fulfill our highest humanity duty – to resurrect the dead?

Today, our knowledge and skills are insufficient to deal with this almost unsolvable task. And we resort to the Faith as a means of coping with the problem.

However, this very faith motivates us to embrace that subject. Faith in our own powers. Because there is a great potential in us. We are children of Freedom – Freedom that does not suffer restrictions. And like a running water does not recognize barriers. The barriers invented by us.

All we have to do is concentrate, think and act. Sooner or later, we will come to the right path.

Will we be involved in solving this problem?

People lying underground should not wait. They also want to live. It would be a high manifestation of selfishness if we close our eyes to their misfortune. We NEVER have to put up with this!

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