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The Time as the first Substance

As the reader is able to note – on this site we pay special attention to TIME as a subject of research – to that unknown essence, conditionally called by us Time, that forcefully and inexorably attends in our world, disposes of us, and we are unable to resist it.

We have presumed to open a special rubric on Time, as we believe that there is much in common between “Time” and “Substance”. We would even say that the Time is the Substance – this Substance that has been the object of search from “the brilliant minds” for millennia. The Substance from which our whole World is built.

This hypothesis is new and, of course, controversial. That is why we will try (in the form of books, articles, reports, films, aphorisms) to offer our basic considerations to the reader's knowledge. Let him decide on his own.

(And in order to introduce it more readily to matter, we will ask him a direct question: why we do not carry on our hand any other important physical gauges to help us in everyday life: a device measuring distance, weight measurement instrument, or a device measuring strength, but we wear a watch?

Strange, indeed.)

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